B. vulgatus

B. vulgatus is associated with:

• Bacteroides spp. associated with lower bacterial gene richness in the gut• Lower levels of B. vulgatus have been seen in IBS patients in comparison to healthy controls • Low relative proportions of B. vulgatus, along with high concentrations of Lactobacillus spp. observed in the microbiota of obese children when compared to lean; B. vulgatus also found under-represented in microbiota of type-2 diabetics • B. vulgatus found to be present in significantly higher numbers in stools of severely autistic children when compared to controls • While increased B. vulgatus prevalence was associated with the genotype of infants at high risk of celiac disease development, another study found that B. vulgatus was more frequently detected in controls than in patients with treated celiac disease (p<0.01)

Source – https://www.gdx.net/core/interpretive-guides/GI-Effects-IG.pdf

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